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Off-grid Energy Australian – Your Off-Grid Energy Specialist Team

Our Off-Grid Team have a wealth of knowledge, in fact, a combined 30 years’ experience in the solar energy industry. They have individually gained professional experience through positions held whilst working across a wide variety of industries over the past 30 years.

Being focused on our clients is the most important part of what our Off-Grid Team is about. To merely meet our client’s expectations is not enough – our goal is to exceed expectations to reinforce the high-trust environment that we’re built upon. Making off-grid energy easy!

The only currency we have with our clients is goodwill. Doing well by our clients makes that currency more valuable and allows us to do more for them. Our clients entrust us to listen and help them find the solutions that they are looking for without being a roadblock; to create the highest quality Off-Grid systems; to serve them quickly and efficiently both in the early process and throughout the technical support phase after the system has been installed.

We won’t leave you in the dark

Our technical support team works together with the Off-Grid Team to proactively anticipate problems in order to prepare solutions before they are needed; to jump in and offer help when they see someone needing assistance, and to provide the best possible advice and guidance to allow our client’s system to work without any interruption.

At Energy Stuff Off Grid we take pride in the work that we do for our clients. When something doesn’t work right, we take it personally, and we take personal action to ensure that problems get fixed and errors get corrected. Where other companies might call something “good enough,” we insist on pushing it all the way to awesome. We go the extra mile to present solutions we can be proud of.

Some companies in this industry are lacking or show little integrity, ethics, honesty and clarity which always has been paramount for us in our professional lives. Working as a team for many years we share these values and they come through in everything we do. Let us show how that works for you.

When it comes to service local is best

All of our local installers are CEC (Clean Energy Council) accredited Off-Grid Installers and Electricians with considerable experience within the industry.

Where possible we will source a local Off-Grid specialist installer to hook up the system for you. This serves you in a number of ways:

  • It supports your local community
  • It provides a local expert who knows your system and can provide ongoing support in the years ahead.
  • It keeps costs down

Our Team

Energy is a necessary but unpredictable cost for all and for many, a major variable expense. We understand that it can be difficult to even understand your energy bills let alone staying abreast of all the information about how to improve efficiency and make savings. Then it still needs to be implemented. Off-grid Energy Stuff has the expertise and experience to cut through the confusion and bring together various methods to help our customers become more self-sufficient.


We gain an understanding of your off-grid energy Australia requirement, energy usage and identify where improvements can be made, often at little or zero cost.

Meet our Team

More About Energy Stuff

Energy Stuff was launched in late 2015 and is focused on supporting the Australian residential solar market with a full range of solar systems, solar upgrades, replacement units, smart monitoring systems, off-grid solar systems and battery storage capability.

At Energy Stuff we give clients a secure and cost-effective energy future -with our comprehensive range of new smart energy solar systems, expert servicing & repairs, and off-grid solar installations. We support clients to put high electricity costs behind them and move toward an affordable renewable energy future. We will never be the cheapest, but we will be the best and we will work with clients over the long term to make their energy efficient and cost-effective.

Australian owned and with proven national supply and service partners across the country, we are well placed to support new and current system owners and ensure that systems are not just fully functioning but geared to the future.

Energy Stuff is licenced to supply services to Queensland, NSW, Victoria and South Australia with an aim to add WA, NT, and ACT during 2018

We partner with proven international and national leaders in their field to offer increased services and products to the Australian market and we are well networked across the energy sector both commercial and advisory.


Our Focus Areas;


For those who live in a remote location or are looking to add new buildings to an existing rural property then an off-grid system can be cheaper than paying large setup costs connecting to the grid.

We have portable kits suitable for the batch or shed through to large systems for the home, farm and small business. We customise all systems to suit the client needs and our specialist off-grid team are some of the most experienced in the country.

“Off-Grid is a financial and emotional decision that more and more

Australians are making” – Lucas Sadler, Co Founder.


We support residential solar generators to get their systems back in working condition quickly and at no risk to them and family. We do all types and sizes of grid-based solar systems repairs. Everything from inverter replacements to rewiring can be actioned without fuss.

“A third of all existing solar systems will need repair over the next few years, we are standing by ready to help” – Lucas Sadler, Co Founder.


We supply all types and sizes of residential grid-based solar systems from the budget Eco range to the premium Solar Edge systems with optimisers. All systems are designed to suit the clients’ roof configuration and we provide generation and payback models. Finance can be arranged and in most cases, we will recommend smart energy monitoring be included.

“The demand for residential solar will continue and the next wave will be based on full systems financed differently” – Lucas Sadler, Co Founder.

BATTERY STORAGE – Residential & Rural

With most homes only utilising about half of their solar energy generation and feed-in tariffs now around the 10 cents mark it is no wonder that many homeowners are looking at battery storage to get their utilisation up to above 80%. As competition increases and new technology is developed battery storage is the future of residential solar and at Energy Stuff we can advise on the best options and timing.

“Battery storage is the next step change in solar energy and energy management” – Lucas Sadler, Co Founder.

SMART ENERGY MONITORING – Residential & Rural options

Most households have no idea of how much energy they are generating or using at any point in time. So, they cannot optimise the return on the investment made or make the best decisions on when to use, or not use, energy via their appliances. Smart monitoring removes this energy uncertainty, providing you 24/7 real-time feedback and management of your solar generation and electricity consumption. Energy Stuff has a range of specialities to manage new, existing or remote energy production.

“We believe that the future is in smart energy systems that do far

more than just monitor inputs and outputs” – Lucas Sadler, Co Founder.

Our Locations

Our Head Office & Warehouse is located at 25A Lobelia Drive, Altona North VIC 3025 and our Off-Grid team are located at 14-20 Aerodrome Rd, Maroochydore QLD 4558. All our installation crews across Australia are ready to deliver award-winning quality design & installation service.

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