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What you get with every system

What you get with every system

Warranties and Guarantees

Our warranty is provided in addition to other rights and remedies held by a consumer at law. Our goods come with guarantees that cannot be excluded under the Australian Consumer Law.

Warranty Statement

Should any product be deemed faulty by an Energy Stuff representative, the manufacturers’ warranty on these products will be carried out within the manufacturers’ warranty period. If any installation carried out by an Energy Stuff approved CEC installer proves faulty then this will be repaired at no cost by Energy Stuff within the stated warranty period.

All of our systems come with warranties and guarantees as follows;

Small – Medium – Large Standard Off-Grid systems fully installed

  • 25-year system performance warranty on Jinko solar panels. Panels must produce 80% of its rated capacity in 25 years (linear)
  • 10-year product warranty on Jinko solar panels covering manufacturers defects
  • 5 -year product warranty on Narada Lead Carbon battery
  • 5 or 10-year (optional) product warranty on inverters; SMA, Outback Power, Victron
  • 5-year guarantee on system workmanship

BYD lithium-ion Off-Grid system. 

  • 25-year system performance warranty on Jinko solar panels. Panels must produce 80% of its rated capacity in 25 years (linear)
  • 10-year product warranty on Jinko solar panels covering manufacturers defects
  • 10-year product warranty on SMA inverters
  • 10-year product warranty on BYD batteries


 What will not be covered by warranty

  • Normal wear and tear
  • Physical damage
  • Sulphation
  • Incorrect Use
  • Incorrect installation (at supply only)
  • Negligence (before or during use)
  • Overcharging
  • Undercharging
  • The battery has been repaired or modified by a third party without Energy Stuff’s consent
  • Stored for a long period of time without maintenance/charging
  • Faulty connection, faulty wiring or improper mounting (at supply only)
  • Incorrect use
  • Warranty does not cover discharged batteries or diminishing capacity due to battery age and depth of discharge.

Standard Terms and Conditions

We use a standard set of terms and conditions for all residential and small-scale commercial installs. It describes the terms and conditions that apply to the sale and installation of your system and includes detailed information about your rights and obligations as a customer and the guarantees and warranties that we provide to you.

You can view our standard Terms and Conditions.

Rebates and Incentives


All solar panel installations in Australia are subsidized by the Federal Government’s STCs incentive (Small-scale Technology Certificates) which offset the cost for your system. There are two ways this incentive can affect the cost of your future Off Grid system.

1. Under the Small-scale Renewable Energy Scheme, small-scale technology certificates are calculated based on system location, installation date, and the amount of electricity generated over the course of its lifetime – which is referred to as the deeming period. As the Small-scale Renewable Energy Scheme will end in 2030, the standard 15 year deeming period for a solar PV system started to be reduced 1st January 2017 to 14 years, and each following year, until the closure of the scheme in 2030. This will reduce the number of small-scale technology certificates that can be created for an eligible system. The reduced amount of STCs from 1st January represents a 6% drop.

2. The value of each STC is based on supply and demand. Due to this, the STC market is from time to time subject to volatility which effects the value of each STC.


We have CEC accredited installers living close to you, doing your Off-Grid system installation. We’ll be working with the most licensed electrician to ensure rapid response times if your Off-Grid system ever requires further specialised attention.


  • One call solution – one point of support. Talk to our technical support team.
  • FREE local electrician to go out on site and service full unit warranty

System Components

The main parts of your system are comprised of:

  • the solar panels (capture energy),
  • the inverter (converts electricity),
  • the battery and battery inverters (charge and store energy).

All our systems use components from large established companies.

We recommend the use of high-quality components for systems installed in Australia’s tough weather conditions.

Solar panels

All of our solar packages use Tier 1 solar panels. These are high-quality solar panel companies, all in the top 5 solar manufacturers globally, have excellent product and performance warranties, and are used in most of the big solar installations around the world. These are all excellent panels and are recognised as being very high-quality panels across the solar industry.


  • Outback Power – a global designer and manufacturer of cutting-edge power conversion solutions that provide reliable electric power for renewable energy, backup power, marine and mobile markets. OutBack Power inverter/chargers have a reputation for delivering superior product performance for remote Off-Grid power systems. The company is based in Arlington US.
  • SMA – the world leading global specialist for photovoltaic system technology with headquarters in Germany. For the fifth time in a row, SMA Solar Technology AG (SMA) has been voted the most preferred inverter brand in the world by all customer groups. That was the result of the “PV Inverter Customer Insight Survey 2016” by IHS Markit who surveyed wholesalers, installers and EPC companies in more than 45 countries. The most important factors in their decision were quality, technical support and service. SMA has an Australian office and more than 3,000 SMA employees in 20 countries. They have been developing and distributing high-quality PV inverters for over 30 years.
  • Victron – offers a wide range of quality renewable energy products designed in the Netherlands – everything from small inverters & battery chargers to large-scale commercial power hardware. Victron Energy’s products are built to the highest performance, efficiency & reliability standards and offer 5-year warranties on all their products.


Our selected batteries are designed for a safe, steady and reliable delivery of power over a long time.

Narada Lead Carbon batteries.

  • Tried and tested batteries.
  • Fully sealed and maintenance free.
  • Allow for greater depth of discharge (up to 92%).
  • Combines supercapacitor and lead acid battery technology.
  • Rapid charge/discharge rates
  • They last longer, perform better and are more cost-effective than AGM or Gel.
  • Greater resistance to temperature changes
  • Superior resistance against partial states of charge.
  • These are bulkier and less fancy than lithium-ion batteries, but still used in many remote places because of their reliability
  • Lifespan is 7000 cycles at 30% DoD.

BYD Lithium Iron Phosphate (LFP) batteries

  • This chemistry is recognised as one of the safest Lithium chemistries currently in use.
  • Is the ideal solution for commercial, industrial and residential applications.
  • Up to 32 systems may be connected in parallel in order to build storage capacity of up to 440kWh!
  • Safe Battery Construction. Built with the same battery modules as BYD’s Electric Vehicles gives these ‘stationary’ battery systems the durability of devices designed for motive and high vibration applications.
  • BYD’s High Peak Discharge capability makes them ideal for Off-Grid applications where surging loads are used.
  • With smart design, the B-Box can deliver a usable energy ratio of 96%!
  • The B-Box systems have been carefully designed to simplify installation. The modular nature of the system components means they can be installed by a single technician.
  • Using natural convection cooling allows the B-Box to achieve the highest system efficiency as well as enabling operation without the noise of fans or pumps.
  • The modular design also allows for flexible expansion of system sizes over the whole lifetime of the system!
  • BYD’s reported failure rate is among the lowest in the whole battery industry with only 3 per 1000 installed systems (0.3%).

Our Locations

Our Head Office & Warehouse is located at 25A Lobelia Drive, Altona North VIC 3025 and our Off-Grid team are located at 14-20 Aerodrome Rd, Maroochydore QLD 4558. All our installation crews across Australia are ready to deliver award-winning quality design & installation service.

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