RICHARD ANDERSON | Off-Grid Energy Stuff



Richard Anderson is an experienced business leader and executive coach who has worked across a wide spectrum of industries and with hundreds of senior executives to support them in growing their businesses and careers. With a background in manufacturing and the professional services sector, Richard has held senior executive positions in Australia and New Zealand. Moving from large corporates in 2003 Richard launched and developed two leadership consultancies with very hands on involvement in all aspects of the business.

As an experienced Sales and Marketing, Operations executive in the corporate B2B space Richard brings considerable experience in brand, culture and systems and will continue to ensure that these form a key component of the business growth. As a technology and systems enthusiast Richard has designed and developed many operating platforms throughout his career and is a strong believer that when good people, process and systems come together superior service can be provided consistently. Richard has been interested in renewable energy for many years and as Operations Director he coordinates the day-to-day operation, the national supply of products and services and oversees the new multiuser platforms, supply-service arrangements necessary for all interactions across the group..

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