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Q. What is a limited warranty cover on Solar Panels?


Most PV solar panels come with a limited 10-year product warranty which covers you for quality issues caused in manufacture (Material defects). Note that damage to panels caused by weather events such as hail and or lightning are not covered by these warranties and you may need to approach your insurance company (who may say it is an act of God and not covered – check your policy).

To quote Jinko – a favourite Tier 1 supplier:

Jinko warrants that the Modules and their respective DC connectors and cables, if any, shall be free from material defects in design, materials and workmanship that affect the performance of the Module (“Limited Product Warranty”). Material defects shall not include normal wear and tear.

Where you see retailers quoting a 25-year warranty this is usually the limited power warranty and it covers how much the panel may lose in efficiency over a 25-year period. Like Jinko below, most tier one panels should still be operating at 80% efficient at the 25-year mark.

LIMITED POWER WARRANTY. Jinko warrants that the Degradation Rate shall not exceed the following for the periods identified following the Warranty Start Date: (a) 10% by that date which is twelve (12) years following the Warranty Start Date, at which time the Actual Power Output shall be not less than 90% of the Nominal Power Output; and (b) 20% by that date which is twenty-five (25) years following the Warranty Start Date, at which time the Actual Power Output shall be not less than 80% of the Nominal Power Output (“Limited Power Warranty”).

So to sum up. You should expect most quality panels to last at least 25 years excluding extreme weather events though they will start to lose effectiveness after the 10-year mark. If your panels drop below the performance level as quoted in the power warranty, and or stop working after 10 years, and there is no obvious damage it would still pay to challenge the product warranty as all tier 1 suppliers would be keen to protect their strong brand reputation.

Things to look out for are:

  • Make sure your supplier is quoting and installing Tier 1 panels
  • Make sure the panels are installed by an accredited solar installer
  • Clean the panels once a year to maximise efficiency
  • Get an audit done every few years to check the panels, isolators, wiring and fixtures to ensure all are ok. Repair or replace if not
  • Check for overhanging branches that may shade the panels or pose a risk of failing in storm conditions

When was the last time you had your panels / system checked?

How we help

If your inverter has failed, we can look at a simple Inverter Swap with a like-sized model. This will not impact on your current system compliance and you can order online for a quick replacement.

Any supporting information you can provide when completing the form will help us to determine your issue. This may cover error codes, fault descriptions, the frequency of faults, current status of the system (switched off, on and off intermittent). Another time-saving idea is to photograph the inverter label which can provide us with valuable details on the unit.

If you live in a metro area, we can supply this audit service for $200.00 plus GST, and you can place an order via our shop. If you live in a regional area, then please fill out the form, and we will get back to you with a firm quote to visit your site.

Please note if the fault can be fixed at the time of the audit then the installer will quote a price, and if acceptable to you will fix the issue on the spot and charge you the fee directly.

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