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Q. Does my solar DC isolator switch meet current standards?


Is your DC isolator on the recall list and a potential risk to your house and home?

DC isolator switches are the most prone to issues according to the Electrical Safety Office, this is due to the quality of manufacture and the location in which the isolator switch may be located. If the isolator is on the roof then your odds of failure increase due to water ingress and sun breaking down the plastic.

There is a 10% chance that the isolator switch found on your system needs to be replaced and you have not been informed due to your original installer ceasing trading (which is sadly very likely!)

It’s extremely important that these isolator switches are replaced to prevent further damage from occurring. A faulty isolator switch has a high chance of causing fires, overheating, internal faults and in the situation where a NHP isolator is being used, it could still be conducting current, which poses a great danger to the electrician who could be assuming the current was isolated.

A list of the current DC isolator brands that have been recalled:

  • IP Salzer DC isolator
  • Blue Line Solar – Avanco
  • DKSH (PVPower)
  • Gen 3
  • NHP
  • Eltech ISO max
  • SPM
  • I Want Energy
  • IPD

How we help

Replacing the switch is the best plan of attack. Contact us with the information of your current DC isolator switch and from there we can replace it with one that abides by current regulations and offers the protection it was designed to do.

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