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Q. Can I have a 3 phase set up when living off-the-grid?

A 3 phase set up normally requires three battery banks, three battery inverters, and a 3-phase solar PV inverter. If money is no object, this is one way to get lots of solar + battery energy and power into your three-phase Off-Grid home. 
As we custom assess every system to ensure we supply the best solution fit for each client’s circumstances, we’d need to ask a few questions and get a good understanding of your specific needs and circumstances. Based on this assessment we can then provide you with a quote for a system that will work perfectly for you  – both now and into the future. Without knowing your specific circumstances and expected energy usage a ballpark figure for a 3 phase Off-Grid system will more than double the price to be around $70k fully installed.
Alternatively, you could go with a normal (single) phase Off-Grid system and just use a suitable generator for 3 phase requirement. Please give us a call on 1300 656 205.

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